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Episode 1-The Beginning

It all began hundreds-of-millions of years ago when life first appeared on the Earth. Single-celled bacteria evolved into multi-celled bacteria, which in turn became more and more advanced until finally humans emerged onto this planet.
Nobody knows why, how and where life first emerged on this Earth. It was an explosion of life, which we thought to have begun on Earth. But how can we ever be sure? Is there some other planet with life, maybe even intelligent life? With at least one hundred-trillion different galaxies in the universe, how could there not be?

Scientists have been studying our universe for centuries. None could ever comprehend its vastness, or not be in awe of its mysteries. But what if life on our planet truly started in a distant galaxy?

On Earth, a Rebellion has formed against the United Nations (UN) and has retaliated against every peace movement. If this goes on, the UN will surely be obliterated and start a Nuclear World War.

"Full reverse," commanded Laura Terris, captain of the UN Mako-546, a stealth submarine patrolling international waters. It was a nuclear-powered submarine with the latest in stealth technology, radar systems, and other advanced technologies. It was a bluish color to hide from enemies at the surface.
A white Rebel sub realized it had been spotted and launched two heat-seeking torpedoes at the Mako. The Mako moved out of the way and launched two missiles in quick succession. The blast destroyed the Rebel sub but nearly sunk the Mako-546.
"Captain, we've sunk their battleship," joked the Weapons-Master Lewis Nomin.
"Quiet!" shouted the Captain. "That was too close. We could've been killed! You've endangered the lives of the crew."
"Sorry ma'am" Lewis said in humiliation.
"Captain, we are detecting something unusual on the ocean floor where the enemy missiles hit," said one of the Radar crewmen.
"What do you make of it?" inquired Captain Terris.
"I don't know the material. It's made of isn't matching anything in the database."
"Contact H.Q. and tell them to send some scientists out and investigate it, it might be some secret weapon."

Soon a small gray sub of three scientists arrived on the scene, escorted by three other Mako-type subs. The scientists landed the sub just before the odd formation of unknown metal, and used the automated systems to create a small lab on the actual metal. The Mako and the other three subs were ordered to defend the small research station until some knowledge of what the device was and, more importantly, what the device could do.