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Episode 2-Odd Machine

" What do you think it is?" asked Laura.

" I don't really know what to think," said Lewis. "It might be a rebel weapon, I mean they were here before us maybe they were guarding this. For all I know it could just be a weird meteor that the rebels were investigating thinking it was one of our so called Secret Weapons"

"Well, whatever it is I just don't feel right about it, it's like it's calling me to it," Laura finished and started to walk towards the submarine's bridge.

"Wait Captain, I've been feeling that same desire, what do you think it could be?" Lewis said like he thought the captain knew all of the answers.

" I really don't know," said Laura without looking back.

Meanwhile, the scientists that were on the small research vessel had inported three giant tubes that were 30 ft long and 25 ft wide and fans about 25 foot wide, they had connected the tubes to the fans and turned them on, this started sending sand every were, but more importently off the unknown metal object. Soon the sand settled and there was a lot more vissible metal.

"Would you look at that said lewis, it looks like some kind of ship" said lewis " a battle ship probobly , because of all thoes tiny cannons.. Actually, come to think of it, I've never seen a cannon like those before"

Lara looked in awe. " Well, that doesn't look like it was made for the sea. It looks like something from outer space."