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This section contains information on the series. The more episodes up, the more information will be on this page. Storyline, characters, ship design, and more.

A Rebellion has formed against the United Nations (UN) and has retaliated against every peace movement. If this goes on, the UN will surely be obliterated and that may cause Nuclear World War. On a mission, the UN Mako-546 Submarine comes across an alien vehicle.

Laura Terris: Laura is captain of the UN Mako-546. She was born 2001 in Miami Beach, Florida. She joined the military in 2019 to become a captain, like her father. She has quite an attitude against incompetence, and can't imagine not being perfect. And so, she partakes the quest to find a meaning in life.
Lewis Nomin: Lewis is the Weapon-Master of the Mako. He has a good sense of humor, and tends to bring happiness into any situation. He was born in 2002 in a military base. He yearns for another tale to tell, and so he takes on the quest.

Vehicle Designs
UN Mako-546: It is a nuclear-powered submarine with the latest in stealth technology, radar systems, and other advanced technologies. It is a bluish color to hide from enemies at the surface.